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Where did Conjure Creativity come from? 

During my 15+ years as an artist and art educator, I experienced and witnessed the harm inflicted on people's creativity as a result of being immersed in a capitalist culture embedded with destructive patriarchal, white supremacist, and ableist values. These values can become internalized, harming how people relate to themselves and to their creative practice. I began Conjure Creativity to remedy the consequences of this violent messaging. My sessions provide what was sorely needed, yet somehow omitted, in the various institutions I inhabited—an understanding of creativity not as a vehicle to possess and exploit in order to maximize productivity, but as an essential life-giving force of nature that moves through each of us, enabling a transformative process of continuous discovery.

I have always had the keen intuitive ability to feel people's inner dynamics. In Conjure Creativity, I combine this aptitude with the pragmatic, logistical problem-solving skills I acquired as an artist and educator leading students of all ages and various backgrounds through completing projects in a spectrum of mediums: drawing, painting, mixed media, puppetry, sculpture, photography, animation video, performance art, dance, machine learning, app development, and virtual reality. 

I see my role as that of a guide, providing focused attention, digging down to the roots of your current experience, sussing out which elements need to be fortified, and then helping you set your path to support your flourishing. Each session offers you the opportunity to recenter and reconnect with your priorities and goals, bringing your focus back to what really matters to you.

My proficiency as a healer is informed by the embodied wisdom of magic, which recognizes that we are not actually separate from the creative force; each of us is the product of and conduit for the interplay of the Earth's spiralic cycles of creation. 

What is a session like?

Sessions begin with you describing anything that feels relevant to where you are now in your creative life. During this time, I take notes and ask clarifying questions to uncover the factors that are directing and impacting your creativity. We will revisit the areas that feel charged to me, or that may need unpacking or untangling. Together, we will uncover the origins of the issues at play. I’ll share my insights with you about what limiting beliefs you might be holding onto, what subconscious fears you may be harboring, what deeper truths need expressing, what needs to be restored, or which elements need to find balance. 

Toward the end of the sessions, I work with you to decide on effective, gentle, and doable next steps to support and move through the necessary transformation.


How many Sessions will I need?


Because each individual is unique, the number of sessions required for synchronizing with where you are in your creative cycle depends on a variety of factors. You may only need one session to reset or jump-start your creative practice. However, sessions are often most effective at regular intervals, because healing is a process that takes place over time, and creativity is a practice. I recommend that you plan to meet over at least three sessions to restore balance, which enables momentum to build and clears the way for creativity to flow. 


How often will I need to meet?


The frequency that you schedule sessions is determined by your specific needs. Some people are best supported with weekly sessions to move through the phase they are in, while others are better served by meeting monthly or every six months. I will let you know what rhythm I sense would be most useful to you in your current situation, but ultimately the interval between sessions is determined by what you are ready for and what feels right to you.


How can I buy sessions as gifts for other people?


You can email me at with the amount you are gifting, and I will send you a pdf of a hand-painted gift certificate that you can print out or share in an email to the recipient. They can then contact me to schedule their session/s.

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