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What is Conjure Creativity?

Conjure Creativity is both an act of resistance and a call to healing.
​Conjure Creativity consists of one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and professional development training in which I guide participants into a deeper, more embodied connection with their creativity. 


This work is my offering of service and devotion to the wildness and mystery that ignite and nourish each individual's inner spark.

What can I expect to gain from my sessions?


Conjure Creativity sessions center your creativity as a fulfilling and valuable part of your life. Whether you need to reconnect with a creative practice that has been languishing over time, are feeling overworked and burnt out, or you need direction in navigating specific projects, Conjure Creativity Sessions enable you to achieve clarity in aligning with the cycles of your unique creative process.


Conjure Creativity sessions can provide ongoing support with:

  • Dissolving blocks

  • Carving out time for your creativity

  • Designing and maintaining the systems that enable the flow of your practice

  • Converting guilt or obligation as motivating forces into pleasure and desire

  • Developing a relationship with your creativity that feels more playful, enticing, and inviting

  • Or other specific objectives determined by your needs

You’ll glean a deeper, more nuanced understanding of your creative process by developing the capacity to:

  • Make space and time to slow down and engage in non-linear thinking

  • Moving through any resistance that comes up around getting started on creative projects

  • Deeply listen to yourself and strengthen your trust in your intuition

  • Quiet the voice of your "inner critic"

  • Be open to receiving inspiration

  • Give expression to your curiosity

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I offer sliding scale rates of  $130-$260 per 90-minute session, which includes an audio recording of our session and notes with key takeaways and your next steps. Once the session is booked, you’ll receive a Zoom invite through Google calendar.  




Lauren, Sculptor:

"I had a session with Celeste after a fairly long period of stagnancy in the studio.  I was feeling pretty stuck with my work because I was having a hard time managing stress and that put pressure on my studio practice. Throughout the process of the session, Celeste channeled her empathic intuition and provided me with new perspectives on not only my modes of working in the studio, but my attitude towards myself and my creativity. She is compassionate, warm, and completely generous with her energy and time. After the session, she gave me notes which I have on my studio wall to refer to when I’m feeling stuck or unkind to myself in the studio.  The time I spent with Celeste has proven to be invaluable, and I highly recommend her services to every artist."

Sam, Graphic Designer:

"...a grounding daily practice during this stressful interesting exploration of my creativity as part of my ongoing work with Celeste Neuhaus. My partner and I have been meeting with Celeste periodically for Conjure Creativity sessions to attend to old wounds, build habits, and identify avoidant behaviors in pursuit of healing our individual relationships with our creativity. It’s been challenging work but powerful and impactful."

Lilith, Computer Programmer:

“I met with Celeste for a Conjure Creativity session and the significance of the clarity she helped me see has only grown in the weeks since our meeting. It was both a relief and a kick in the ass.”

Melissa, Fiber Artist and Educator:

"My Conjure Creativity session with Celeste helped me cut through the external messages that constantly distract from what I actually value and enjoy about practicing art. We identified a manageable plan to streamline my studio space and to share my work in ways that feel authentic to me. Since the session I feel less caught up in worrying about how others may expect me to show up to my creative work, less hindered by ancestral baggage around productivity, and more playful and experimental. I highly recommend Conjure Creativity if you are ready to channel your creative purpose with intention and pleasure."


Paul, Drawing Artist:

“Serious insight on your creative practice with concrete action plans and a refreshingly grounded intuition-first approach that cuts right through the achievement-informed and career-obsessed mental traps creative workers often hold onto. I’ve received Celeste’s creative mentorship since 2016 and she’s been a key player not only in every artistic breakthrough I’ve had since then but also in learning how to tell the difference between what I think my work needs versus what my work actually needs. From our consultancy sessions, I’m finally reconnecting with how I truly enjoy my drawing practice and what it means to build my practice from that enjoyment. A much-needed counterpoint to over-professionalized, over-schooled, hustle-centric vibes that characterize the art world today.”

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