Celeste Neuhaus is a witch who fuses art and magic. Her imagery, objects, performances and guided rituals reveal the often overlooked interdependencies between the corporeal/psychological/political/cultural/ecological/cosmological. These offerings support healing from the destructive effects of living in patriarchal-capitalist-white supremacist monoculture and have materialized throughout the United States in magic temples, DIY spaces, salt flats, art galleries, fields of wildflowers, vacant lots, rooftops, and museums.


Currently based in Pittsburgh, Celeste earned her BFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her MFA at the University of New Mexico where she participated in the Land Arts program in Art and Ecology. For 15 years Celeste worked as an independent art instructor with students at developmental stages ranging from toddlers to elders, and with a spectrum of backgrounds and abilities. It was while she was a professor at the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University that Celeste found her passion for mentoring. Her love of providing people with individually focused attention became her mission: she now professionally guides people through the process of aligning with their unique creativity.

Email Celeste to schedule Cultivating Creativity sessions. Both zoom meetings and in person meetings (when it becomes safe to do so) are available.

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All images and text belong to Celeste Neuhaus and may only be shared with credit to the artist.